Plants by botanic name

Below is a list of plant names beginning with the letter 't', listed by scientific/botanical (Latin) name. Click a letter of the alphabet to see a list of plants with botanic / latin names beginning with that letter. Alternatively click here to see the plants listed alphabetically by common name.

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Table: Botanic names and their common name equivalent.
Botanic name Common name(s)
Tagetes Marigold
Tagetes erecta African marigold
Tagetes patula French marigold
Tagetes Zenith Marigold
Tamarix tetranda Tamarisk
Tanacetum parthenium Feverfew
Taxus baccata Golden yew, English yew, yew
Tecomaria capensis Fire flower
Tellima grandiflora Fringe cups
Teucrium fruticans Germander
Teucrium scorodonia Curly wood sage, Wood sage, wood germander
Thalictrum Meadow rue
Thuja plicata Western red ceder
Thymus Thyme
Thymus serphyllum Thyme
Thymus serpyllum Wild thyme, Thyme
Thymus vulgaris Common thyme, Thyme
Thymus vulgaris Silver thyme, Thyme
Thymus x citriodorus Lemon thyme, Thyme
Tiarella cordifolia Foam flower
Tithonia rotundifolia Mexican sunflower
Trachelospermum jasminoides Star jasmine
Trachycarpus fortunei Chusan palm, Hardy Windmill Palm, Windmill Palm, Palm
Trifolium ochroleucum Sulphur clover
Trillium grandiflorum Wood lily, Trillium
Trollius chinensis Globeflower
Trollius cultorum Globeflower
Tropaeolum Nasturtium
Tropaeolum speciosum Flame creeper
Tulipa Tulip
Tulipa batalinii Tulip
Tulipa sylvestris Tulip
Tulipa tarda Tulip
Tulipa turkestanica Tulip

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